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Do you realise that you are the most important and valuable person in your world? Great leaders make other people feel valuable; but first, you ought to focus your energies on filling yourself up, from the inside.

An effective leader sets an example. They believe in themselves and move their lives in the direction of where they want to go. Before you take any action, do you think of who are you being? Are you in your most relaxed space and tuned to your highest vision? When you can lead yourself, the world becomes easy. When you come from a conscious state of mind you have to be more creative with your thinking. How do you communicate to get the result you want? As Wallace D. Wattle, author of the Science of Getting Rich says 'You have to do things in a certain way'. What does that mean? Well, it means rather than using the traditional automatic way of ‘effort’ . . . instead, relax and 'become' it. Then set your intention and see in your mind the outcome you wish, whilst consciously use your thoughts and feelings in your heart to bring it to you. What happens next is up to you and your allowing, it may come to you, or you may be inspired to take action.

Leading Myself

When I decided to lead myself I did the ‘work’. During the process, I became quite sensitive to everything internal and external. Becoming overly sensitive to a world is what happens when you're not connected to your power. It's similar to being thrown around like a ship in a fearsome storm. It doesn’t sound like fun but here’s the point; because I became more sensitive I also stopped ignoring what the real me wanted. One day I decided I wasn't going to ignore my body anymore. I didn't want to stuff down the hurt, anger and what had been crying out to be understood. That was a place where resentment and blame lay. It’s where feelings are ignored, forgotten and it makes us depressed and sick - and I mean with illness. I realised I am important enough to stand up for what I really want in this life. No longer will I go along with what’s expected of me and I will hold my ground if that is challenged. Something within me had risen like a phoenix from the flames and I was now making the best choices for my life. I understood at that moment that I had transformed from a person that went along with others wishes for an easy life, to someone who was now taking control of her life and moving forwards in the most inspiring way possible. Now, I began to value myself.

What is the difference between owning your potential and settling? You believe in yourself and your dream. You hold your course and focus on it every day. No matter what circumstances present themselves. But you have to understand, that there is something within you that is driving you forward and that the only thing that will go the distance is desire. If it’s ego and reaction, it’s fear-based. If it’s your heart and responding consciously, it’s love-based. Make decisions from the love of yourself and never forget that it's you living this life. Make that decision and trust that it will serve you well into the future. A decision made in the energy of love and desire takes on a momentum of its own that never gets old or weary.

Stay loyal to your heart and true to your best life imagined. What is your best life? What is your dream? What relationships do you want? Have fun with your dream - dream big! Be amused, let go of any seriousness. Go back to being a child and daydream again. Follow the dream that makes you light up and feel alive. When you visualise these things every day and persist, amazing things can and do happen. Stay conscious, stay high, find gratitude for something, keep focusing on your vision. Keep going.

It's a Decision of Encouragement

Putting off decisions means that you are in limbo and attached to your comfort zone, even when it’s uncomfortable! A comfort zone can be an easy ride, but nothing ever grows there. If you're going to bet on anything it should be on yourself. Before making a decision align yourself to your vision and its energy before taking any action. A decision made in fear will usually not go well, because it's not aligned to the true self. Our true self always wants what’s best for us and the greater good. Even when that decision can be the scariest moment in life. Imagine a win-win where everyone is happy. This is where faith comes in. When you can bet on who you are and what you’re all about, you will be proud, confident and be the leader of your life.

When you decide to change your life you become an authentic leader of yourself because you can now choose not to follow the old stories you used to tell yourself. When you appreciate yourself, you also find the good in others. What’s your attitude when you’re with people? Everyone is doing the best they can with what they have. Some people just have wounds. So let them off the hook, including yourself. This is about freeing up your energy so you can rise higher in your vibration. How often do you self criticise? Be effective and encourage yourself instead, start with the little things. “Wow, I handled that person so well. I'm so proud of myself!” “I’m going to eat well today” “I’m going to allow myself some fun today” - the tasks will still be there tomorrow and I'm you’re when you're in your last resting place, you won't be thinking “I wish I had done that better”? Or “I'm no good at this!”. Treat yourself as you would your most treasured person or possession.

Know what you are right now is the best you can be. Leaders create an environment that others want to follow. Are you an inspiration to people? Are you just good to be around without having to do anything for them? You’re unique, you have a unique vibe, so let it shine. When people are encouraged and inspired it catches them at their soul, they rest assured that they can be themselves - that’s effective leadership. I’ve worked with many people that think if they did encourage they would be taken advantage of - that’s fear-based thinking. Do not act in fear, it will never go well and people will wise up and walk away. Think of Nelson Mandela, he was a leader among leaders. He was one one of the most influential, courageous and profoundly good human beings in history. He had millions of followers and was widely respected for taking a strong stand against the giant world powers for his authentic benevolent negotiation skills and quintessential peacemaking. Mandela was one of the few leaders capable of inspiring confidence both inside and outside the country.

As you can see I am passionate about this subject. Leaders like Mandela, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln the list goes on - they understood the human spirit and they understood there was a better way, believed in it and took action toward better results. They were a force for change - I find them so inspirational. We have to see fear for what it is, thank it and trust that with courage there can be great outcomes to be had beneath the chaos. Believe, with conviction, in yourself and take inspired action.

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