The real magic of attitude


One of America's key motivational speaker’s Earl Nightingale called attitude the 'magic word' because it is a two-edged sword. Attitude either brings us the success we seek or, if misused, a life of disappointment.

Attitude or mindset is a commonly used word. It’s also misunderstood and very powerful in the right hands.

Attitude is a blend of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. When energy enters our conscious mind, thousands of thoughts are happening every minute. As you become emotionally involved with your thoughts, they are impressed upon the subconscious mind and your body begins to align with those thoughts - whether they be positive or negative. This is your vibration. Your chosen feelings are then expressed outwardly as actions or behaviours, that produce various results in your life. Note, I use the word ‘chosen’.

When vibration is strong in a person, they have to move into action. The conscious mind has the ability to accept or reject ideas that come in from the outside world. When we internalise ideas to the subconscious, it accepts those ideas as real. Then momentum kicks in and we’re living in the circumstances. We enjoy the results; or as the case may be, not enjoying them. Either way, we have created them.

So, attitude starts with a creative process that begins with your choice of what thoughts you choose to think. All energy is pure, but the mind can distort our perception. A great attitude is a clean mind.

Beware when justification happens, it keeps us stuck in the problem - "It's her fault" "He started it" "They are at fault". To determine a positive or negative action is to think outside of the box. Ask yourself "Do I want to keep repeating this behaviour?” If you're getting the results you want, then that's a Yes! If it's a no, then you can use your seniority to change your thoughts and the programme that's controlling you. After all, you are not your mind. Your mind is a tool, you ought to control it. When you change your programming, you receive better results. Always.

Attitude is the 'magic word' because it is going to determine where you go in life. It is the foundation of either failure or success. There is no right way to do anything, it can be a good or valid way. But there's always a better way. A positive attitude will always find the best way.

Everything has good in it and everything has bad in it. What do you look for?

You have a choice to reject what isn't for your highest good.

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