How your feelings lead to an incredible manifestation

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Your emotions are instinctive. They are part of you just like your arms and legs and they really do matter. So when people tell you that you shouldn’t feel what you feel, don’t take their instruction and give away your power. Their unhelpful input is usually because they feel uncomfortable.

Happiness, sadness, fear, and anger are all emotions from your inner compass and they’re telling you something. Your feelings are giving you a vital clue to go inward and use them. With the basic stress emotions, your inner self is crying out for your attention, it’s hurt and it needs you. So close your eyes and just be with those feelings, breathe. Accept them because they are valid. Sit with them and feel them, don’t go into the story of how they came about, just notice them and be there for them as you would a child who needs you. They just want to be heard, to be validated.

Let's channel emotions for good

It worries me when people say they don’t feel angry. It’s the one emotion we feel we have to remove from ourselves quickly to save face because we think it’s ugly. And yet honestly, we all really do feel anger. Why do we worry that it makes us bad people? It’s completely authentic. Anger is not the problem, It’s only when people act out on the anger in destructive ways. When we can go into the anger itself and use its power to our advantage, we can transform it. We have the strength and an incredible manifestation power, but more importantly, we can prevent acting out in harmful ways. People all over the world create peaceful protests by using their anger. Powerful leaders use it to create positive movements and everlasting change. It gives people the courage to fight for their rights, to define what they want and it can help shatter illusions that keep us bound.

Don’t knock emotions. We possess this incredible power in us, why are we masking them with distractions, addictions and pushing them away? Why are we told (and believe) that they are wrong? Unexpressed anger is the hopeless road to depression. Possibly in some scenarios, people show up saying this because it’s easy because it conflicts with their view. It’s so easy to tell someone that they are a bad person if they become angry. But you know the truth of who you are, at least I hope you do. You don’t have to justify it, it is a basic energy, it’s life’ impulse nudging you to go within. I would urge you not to act on anger, there is a better way. Be with yourself, give yourself time and if you’re going to act, do it consciously as I talk about next.

When we use the emotions in the body, our power to manifest is heightened and it’s at its most potent. We do not want to ignore this energy. When our body is charged, it is a power station! We’re emitting energy and if we are clever and conscious we can direct that energy towards what we want. Again, I urge you not to use this power for destructive purposes such as revenge, but channel it like you’re a beacon to the universe and think, feel your vision of what you want. You are harnessing one of life’s most miraculous gifts. Revenge, unhealthy competition along with the words “I’ll show them!” Will never be met with good decisions because the energy is not congruent and it’s based in ego. Our emotions are authentic, but using them in a harmful way is not. At our core, we are divine, perfect and a ball of love and light. Ego is our armour to protect ourselves, but when we know our greatness we don’t need ego or to act out from anger. We can just manifest using the emotions. When you use this power to your benefit, there’s no need to defend, no need to fight, no need to run away. Use what you were born with. That’s the ultimate power. Celebrate your emotions!

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