How Disney knew the truth about flow


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So we’re all meandering along, aren’t we? We’re winging it in this abyss called life.

My journey, like many other people, has been learning lessons - a case of trial & error. But with the intent of learning from them. Things like, go slowly and create properly, create structure - because shorts cuts don’t work. And so, I have stumbled around, picking up great inspiration from people who are real leaders in many industries and in personal development. They know the art of life and how to surf its energies. I find this is important. Who doesn’t become frustrated? And yet for all that time that we’re in the struggle, we could have asked ourselves questions in an attempt to change our perspective and see how to pull ourselves out of the big fat hole we’ve just stepped into. It’s in these questions we can consider what’s true for us.

So what’s Disney got to do with this I hear you say?? Well, let me set the scene first.

Ok, so you’re frustrated. You want an aspect of your life to be different and desperately so, but what can you do? You’re between a rock and a hard place. How can you change things for all involved, for the better? You see, Beauty in Beauty and the Beast had that very same predicament didn’t she? We see her at the beginning of the story - a happy kind and loving girl. She longs for a different life (Singing: “There must be more than this provincial life…”), but she is grateful for all that she has and it shows. In fact, you might say she’s in the flow!

Later her father gets into trouble with the Beast, and the next minute Beauty has to live with the Beast in her father's place. How has this happened?! How can life be so unkind? What did she do to deserve this?! But carefully, every day she made the best of it. Due to her loving and kind nature, she believes in her integrity and looked for the good in everything. Because it just is - there is good and bad in everything…. What do you look for? It’s all about perception. Whatever you look for you will find it. Good or bad.

And so the story ends where Beauty and the Beast become fond of one another. Despite appearances they fall in love, it was the love and truth in their hearts. The Beast was transformed and Beauty now had the life and love she’s always dreamed of. Here’s the magic and what Disney knew to be the truth - Beauty’s flow came from finding things to be grateful for but also she saw great hope in a different and better life from what she knew before. Isn’t that wonderful?! To know that when we’re struggling that maybe, possibly, we are in a ‘not so great place’, but that it will transform into something wonderful as long as we stay in gratitude and faith for our best life. It’s so easy to lose faith in our dream, but there is a temporary stage before we get to the good stuff. Look for the good in everyone and everything. It’s there if you look.

Flow = To be in gratitude with now and imagine the best for your life and what could be if you stay loyal in your heart.

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