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The most important relationship you have, is with yourself


Your purpose is to stay in alignment with your inner being. That's your 'A' game. When you live like this, you're in your true power. Why are you so wonderful? Because you’re a mass of energy, on high speed of vibration. Bob Proctor tells us "We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. We're gifted with an intellect, and spirit is always for expansion and fuller expression. We want to stretch. We need to stretch!”

Our spirit is our soul; it is our connection to life itself. The law of perpetual transmutation of energy talks about how energy moves to and through instruments. Everything is in continual flux and is changing; nothing is constant. Many of these changes are beyond our level of perception. We all feel this energy at some point, although you may not understand it. Your energy changes with your emotions, or with physical exercise.

Energy moves from a high to a low potential and we have the ability to direct it at will. The spiritual, energetic part of you is the highest and, of course, the physical is the lowest. Spirit or energy manifests through the physical. How does it do that? Well, it starts with how we think and that translates into feelings; this is your vibration. Throughout history, the one thing that all the world’s great leaders have agreed upon is that you become what you think about.

Know who you really are

Wherever you are in life, you are emitting energy. Whether it be the energy of lack or fulfilment. This powerful energy harmonises with co-operative components and like a magnet, you and the components are drawn to one another. If you’re emitting lack energy, you will be shown that lack through people, circumstances and situations. The same applies to fulfilment. You attract the people, circumstances and situations into your life by vibrating your most dominant energy. This isn’t magic - though it often feels so - it’s by the law(s) of the universe. When you’re not aware of this, it feels like life is happening to you. After all we are not given a manual at school to help us understand and navigate the world, although I think we definitely should have one. Without awareness and real thought we can drift with ignorance, from circumstance to situation.

You see spiritualist teachers talk about that when we heal from our wounds, we can access our true power. Whilst that is very true, it’s important to know that we never needed to heal. Healing implies that something is broken or wrong. We were never broken, we just had years of habitual patterns and programming from our childhood covering and watering down our greatness that’s shining underneath. It has been determined that our subconscious mind is pretty much fully programmed by the age of seven. But when we ‘heal’ - or perhaps more aptly put - when we see and break free of the conditioning of our minds, we step into our true potential, our true power.

Knowing this and knowing who you really are, regardless of conditions or situations you might find yourself in, nothing really matters. You are your world. This isn’t ego based. This is a quiet, loving belief in self; and it is special. What does it mean to love yourself? I used to think I loved …myself. But I was settling for second best in lots of areas. “This will do” I told myself, hoping someone or something would rescue me. When I realised that there was more to life, I wanted it and I knew it was me alone who would have to do the work. Fear held me back. Fear of upsetting the apple cart, not going along with what others wanted of me. I immediately felt restricted and confined. I was in a prison of my own making and wanted out. Sometimes it is scary to go against what's familiar and comfortable, but I wanted more in my life and I was just, well…….stagnant.

I found myself in uncomfortable positions. People were unhappy with me and found me at fault for their hardship. I finally had a thirst for my life and myself. I began to take my life back and be the one in control of me. Months went by, when I realised I was living the lesson but not learning it. You can't control others, but you can control yourself and your reactions to them. What did I have to do to get a better result? Not react. Like a clever judo expert, I ought to dodge their fury and let it flow past me. When you're mindful of your patterns and reactions, this has good results. However, staying so aware on a regular basis can be a tricky mastery. The ego wants to save us from the hurt and so it sends back more angry energy to the perpetrator.

Taking the bait

It's a natural reaction, but one that can hook us into the pattern that constantly goes around and around and leaves us tired, weary and bitter. When you love who you are, on a foundational level that is solid and secure, anyone's view of you is just an opinion and you are able to view it as such. There will always be unsupportive, unhappy people who like nothing better to put down others to make themselves feel better. But note, these are unhappy people. I can bet you that in secret they probably beat themselves up too. Those two different vibrations of happy and unhappy aren't in harmony with each other, they repel and so an unhappy person will be irritated when you are happy and vice versa. When you're on top of the world, you don't want to be around those that aren't. This is the law of polarity. The more I practised correcting my vibration like-minded people showed up in my life. If you believe in loss, you will lose. If you believe in competition, that’s what you will get. If you believe in gain and abundance, gain and abundance are what you will receive.

Which brings us to the question…… Can one be happy no matter what happens? It truly is a perception shift. What can help shift your thinking is to write 10 things that you're grateful for each day to shift your perception and ultimately your vibration. There is always something to find, even if it's just that you choose to be happy no matter what. When you make that decision, let your heart guide you towards the things to be grateful for. There are many. Abundance is all around you. Look for it.

Let other's criticism fly past you. Not reacting isn't a way to say 'this is ok', you're choosing to do something different because you know you are wonderful and you don't have to defend yourself on that. And if they gossip or say bad things about you to others, know that those people will see them for who they really are. The truth always reveals itself.

If you truly want to change the quality of you life, whether it relates to your health, wealth, or relationships you can do so by looking into yourself. Take a magnifying glass to your mind, find its beliefs and limitations. Stretch yourself and go forward with enthusiasm to create better circumstances. Repetitively and consistently write down every day who you want to be, where you want to go. Sit down and visualise it. Remember you are training your subconscious. It’s the key to success.

Let your cup run'eth over with love and admiration towards yourself. Let yourself beam how undoubtedly brilliant you are. Give to yourself fully and often. Others will feel it from you and want to be a part of it.

Be you, because you are wonderful. xx

How your feelings lead to an incredible manifestation

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Your emotions are instinctive. They are part of you just like your arms and legs and they really do matter. So when people tell you that you shouldn’t feel what you feel, don’t take their instruction and give away your power. Their unhelpful input is usually because they feel uncomfortable.

Happiness, sadness, fear, and anger are all emotions from your inner compass and they’re telling you something. Your feelings are giving you a vital clue to go inward and use them. With the basic stress emotions, your inner self is crying out for your attention, it’s hurt and it needs you. So close your eyes and just be with those feelings, breathe. Accept them because they are valid. Sit with them and feel them, don’t go into the story of how they came about, just notice them and be there for them as you would a child who needs you. They just want to be heard, to be validated.

Let's channel emotions for good

It worries me when people say they don’t feel angry. It’s the one emotion we feel we have to remove from ourselves quickly to save face because we think it’s ugly. And yet honestly, we all really do feel anger. Why do we worry that it makes us bad people? It’s completely authentic. Anger is not the problem, It’s only when people act out on the anger in destructive ways. When we can go into the anger itself and use its power to our advantage, we can transform it. We have the strength and an incredible manifestation power, but more importantly, we can prevent acting out in harmful ways. People all over the world create peaceful protests by using their anger. Powerful leaders use it to create positive movements and everlasting change. It gives people the courage to fight for their rights, to define what they want and it can help shatter illusions that keep us bound.

Don’t knock emotions. We possess this incredible power in us, why are we masking them with distractions, addictions and pushing them away? Why are we told (and believe) that they are wrong? Unexpressed anger is the hopeless road to depression. Possibly in some scenarios, people show up saying this because it’s easy because it conflicts with their view. It’s so easy to tell someone that they are a bad person if they become angry. But you know the truth of who you are, at least I hope you do. You don’t have to justify it, it is a basic energy, it’s life’ impulse nudging you to go within. I would urge you not to act on anger, there is a better way. Be with yourself, give yourself time and if you’re going to act, do it consciously as I talk about next.

When we use the emotions in the body, our power to manifest is heightened and it’s at its most potent. We do not want to ignore this energy. When our body is charged, it is a power station! We’re emitting energy and if we are clever and conscious we can direct that energy towards what we want. Again, I urge you not to use this power for destructive purposes such as revenge, but channel it like you’re a beacon to the universe and think, feel your vision of what you want. You are harnessing one of life’s most miraculous gifts. Revenge, unhealthy competition along with the words “I’ll show them!” Will never be met with good decisions because the energy is not congruent and it’s based in ego. Our emotions are authentic, but using them in a harmful way is not. At our core, we are divine, perfect and a ball of love and light. Ego is our armour to protect ourselves, but when we know our greatness we don’t need ego or to act out from anger. We can just manifest using the emotions. When you use this power to your benefit, there’s no need to defend, no need to fight, no need to run away. Use what you were born with. That’s the ultimate power. Celebrate your emotions!

The real magic of attitude


One of America's key motivational speaker’s Earl Nightingale called attitude the 'magic word' because it is a two-edged sword. Attitude either brings us the success we seek or, if misused, a life of disappointment.

Attitude or mindset is a commonly used word. It’s also misunderstood and very powerful in the right hands.

Attitude is a blend of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. When energy enters our conscious mind, thousands of thoughts are happening every minute. As you become emotionally involved with your thoughts, they are impressed upon the subconscious mind and your body begins to align with those thoughts - whether they be positive or negative. This is your vibration. Your chosen feelings are then expressed outwardly as actions or behaviours, that produce various results in your life. Note, I use the word ‘chosen’.

When vibration is strong in a person, they have to move into action. The conscious mind has the ability to accept or reject ideas that come in from the outside world. When we internalise ideas to the subconscious, it accepts those ideas as real. Then momentum kicks in and we’re living in the circumstances. We enjoy the results; or as the case may be, not enjoying them. Either way, we have created them.

So, attitude starts with a creative process that begins with your choice of what thoughts you choose to think. All energy is pure, but the mind can distort our perception. A great attitude is a clean mind.

Beware when justification happens, it keeps us stuck in the problem - "It's her fault" "He started it" "They are at fault". To determine a positive or negative action is to think outside of the box. Ask yourself "Do I want to keep repeating this behaviour?” If you're getting the results you want, then that's a Yes! If it's a no, then you can use your seniority to change your thoughts and the programme that's controlling you. After all, you are not your mind. Your mind is a tool, you ought to control it. When you change your programming, you receive better results. Always.

Attitude is the 'magic word' because it is going to determine where you go in life. It is the foundation of either failure or success. There is no right way to do anything, it can be a good or valid way. But there's always a better way. A positive attitude will always find the best way.

Everything has good in it and everything has bad in it. What do you look for?

You have a choice to reject what isn't for your highest good.

How Disney knew the truth about flow


Photo by Brian McGowan on Unsplash

So we’re all meandering along, aren’t we? We’re winging it in this abyss called life.

My journey, like many other people, has been learning lessons - a case of trial & error. But with the intent of learning from them. Things like, go slowly and create properly, create structure - because shorts cuts don’t work. And so, I have stumbled around, picking up great inspiration from people who are real leaders in many industries and in personal development. They know the art of life and how to surf its energies. I find this is important. Who doesn’t become frustrated? And yet for all that time that we’re in the struggle, we could have asked ourselves questions in an attempt to change our perspective and see how to pull ourselves out of the big fat hole we’ve just stepped into. It’s in these questions we can consider what’s true for us.

So what’s Disney got to do with this I hear you say?? Well, let me set the scene first.

Ok, so you’re frustrated. You want an aspect of your life to be different and desperately so, but what can you do? You’re between a rock and a hard place. How can you change things for all involved, for the better? You see, Beauty in Beauty and the Beast had that very same predicament didn’t she? We see her at the beginning of the story - a happy kind and loving girl. She longs for a different life (Singing: “There must be more than this provincial life…”), but she is grateful for all that she has and it shows. In fact, you might say she’s in the flow!

Later her father gets into trouble with the Beast, and the next minute Beauty has to live with the Beast in her father's place. How has this happened?! How can life be so unkind? What did she do to deserve this?! But carefully, every day she made the best of it. Due to her loving and kind nature, she believes in her integrity and looked for the good in everything. Because it just is - there is good and bad in everything…. What do you look for? It’s all about perception. Whatever you look for you will find it. Good or bad.

And so the story ends where Beauty and the Beast become fond of one another. Despite appearances they fall in love, it was the love and truth in their hearts. The Beast was transformed and Beauty now had the life and love she’s always dreamed of. Here’s the magic and what Disney knew to be the truth - Beauty’s flow came from finding things to be grateful for but also she saw great hope in a different and better life from what she knew before. Isn’t that wonderful?! To know that when we’re struggling that maybe, possibly, we are in a ‘not so great place’, but that it will transform into something wonderful as long as we stay in gratitude and faith for our best life. It’s so easy to lose faith in our dream, but there is a temporary stage before we get to the good stuff. Look for the good in everyone and everything. It’s there if you look.

Flow = To be in gratitude with now and imagine the best for your life and what could be if you stay loyal in your heart.

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change…

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The Serenity Prayer

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time;
enjoying one moment at a time;
accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
taking, as He did, this sinful world
as it is, not as I would have it;
trusting that He will make all things right
if I surrender to His Will;
that I may be reasonably happy in this life
and supremely happy with Him
forever in the next.

Reinhold Niebuhr (1892-1971)

I find The Serenity Prayer so beautiful to read. It has been a beacon of hope and an inspiration for people seeking the strength and support in times of struggle, despair, and uncertainty. It was written by the American theologian Reinhold Niebuhr in 1932-33. The prayer spread rapidly through church groups in the 1930s and 1940s and was widely adopted and popularized by Alcoholics Anonymous and other twelve-step programs. Newly-sober addicts and alcoholics are taught to recite this prayer early on in rehab, whenever they feel overwhelmed or tempted.

The Serenity Prayer offers another way and gives us guidance in adopting a different perception, with grace, to life. Its intention is to bring hope, clarity and peace to the hearts and minds of those in despair and seeking support.

Serenity is a state of mind or a quality of being still or tranquil, where one is untroubled by life’s ups and downs. It means remaining calm and true to yourself, regardless of the conditions or situation. It guides us to ask for the wisdom and the ability to gracefully accept ‘what is’ and that what cannot be changed. This means we can make the best of what we do have. We can make peace with our reality - such as difficulties with addictions, everyday stress, grief and abuse - thanking and accepting those feelings that rise up in us, and focusing on what IS working in our lives.

We ask for courage, meaning we can respond thoughtfully (when we’re ready) with god’s support and faith and move forward consciously to live and enjoy life .Even when we feel negative influences and are unsure of the outcome, we can still do the right thing for ourself. Courage does not mean that we have NO fear, it means that we can see the fear for what it is and, using our own authority refuse to be controlled by it. Often we may be in a new situation and we’re scared. But when we’re ready, we can consciously accept the struggles, challenges and the world as it is - not as we will it to be. To trust in the divine and its infinite intelligence.

Often we may struggle to comprehend this important part of letting go. Letting go doesn’t mean ignoring a situation. Letting go means accepting what is, exactly as it is without fear, resistance or a struggle for control. Letting go isn’t saying what happened is ok, but it’s about loving ourself enough to not put us through the hurt anymore. The word forgiveness does not mean forgetting, nor does it mean condoning or excusing behaviour. It comes from the Greek word to leave (something or someone) alone.

The prayer teaches us to treat ourself well, with love and compassion. People come and go, but you are always right here. Be good to yourself. You deserve not to be fearful or stressed, you deserve to be empowered, free and happy.

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